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2023 Resolutions

12 January 2023

A new year’s resolution is like a fresh start – new year, new you!  It’s a way to set your sights on something new and exciting and to challenge yourself. We love the feeling of having a good intention, of wanting to make a change and believing that you can actually do it. It’s a great way to set goals and then work towards making them a reality. Plus, it’s a perfect opportunity for personal development. It can be something big like taking up a new hobby or something small like eating healthier.

Are you planning on to taking a new course to learn a new skill. Do you dream of learning a new language or travelling abroad? Will you make it a priority to travel more or is this the year to stay grounded and take a deep dive into a challenge closer to home?

Whatever it is, it’s a chance to make a change and grow as a person. Of course, there’s also the added bonus of being able to take credit when you do finally achieve your goals. So why not take advantage of the new year and resolve to do something great? With a little hard work and dedication, you can make your resolution a reality!

Check out some of the New Years Resolutions the LILA*team have set for 2023 below!

Stacey – International Sales Manager

New Years Resolution is to say Yes! to new challenges and start fitness classes.

Simone – International Sales Officer

New Years Resolution is to take some time in the day for yoga and meditation.

Leonardo – Student Services Officer

New Year’s Resolution is to keep fit, work out and try his best to enjoy life every day.

Kieran – CELTA coordinator

New Year’s Resolution is to Quit smoking and start to go to the gym.

Hayley – Finance Officer

New Year’s Resolution is to read more books.

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