Useful Information

Here’s everything you need to know for your time at LILA* College.

24 hour emergency contact numbers:

Adults and young adults main contact number: 07721 050262

Where to find us

You can find us next to the Hard Days Night Hotel on the corner of North John Street and Harrington Street.

Look for the building with the green front which says “New Barratt House”. You’ll be greeted by the concierge in the foyer and you need to go up the stairs (or take the lift) to the first-floor Reception.

You can expect it to take around 5 minutes to walk from Central Station, Moorfields Station, Paradise Street or Queens Square. To walk from Liverpool Lime Street station will take around 10 minutes.

How to get to your accommodation

If you have not booked a transfer with us and you would like to get advice on how to get to your accommodation, please email

You can check the location of your accommodation on the accommodation profile provided.

What to expect on your first day

Got those first-day jitters? The LILA* College team are on hand to make your first day as easy as possible.

Please Remember

You must bring valid identification with you on your first day to be able to begin your course. We will accept passports or government-issued identity cards and a valid visa when applicable.

Arriving at LILA* College

Your first day begins at 8:15 am in Reception where you will be met by our Receptionist who will ask for your name and valid identification. They will take a copy of your ID, give you your Welcome Pack and will show you to the Common Room where you can wait for induction.

While you wait for induction you can begin to fill in the forms you are given; these ask for various bits of contact information as well as your medical details.


Your induction will begin once all the new students have arrived and you will meet the Director of Studies and other members of the team. The induction will last about 30 minutes and the team will welcome you to LILA* College and give you some important information about the school.


Your timetable and course book will be ready for collection from Reception. When you get your timetable please check that it has the correct information on it.

Course books

We suggest that you don’t write in your course book on your first day in class, this is because you may feel that the class level is not suitable for you and want to transfer. If you have written in your book or damaged it during the first week then you must buy a new one.

Changing your class level

If you would like to change your class level then you should speak with your teachers and you will decide together if you should change your level. This can be done at any point during your studies because as your English improves you may feel that it is time for you to progress to the next level. It’s important that you communicate with your teachers to make sure that you are getting the most out of your classes.

Student Health

If you are feeling unwell you can visit an NHS Walk-In Centre. This service is free and you do not need an appointment (although regular medical services may carry a fee). The nearest to LILA* College is:

NHS Walk-In Centre
6 David Lewis Street,
L1 4AP
Tel: +44 (0) 151 247 6500

Open: Monday to Friday – 7am-10pm
Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays – 9 am-10 pm

If you are going to be in Liverpool for a long time you may want to register with a local doctor or GP. Here’s how to register:

  • Visit the doctors’ (GP) surgery or clinic during consulting hours.
  • Take a letter from LILA* College as proof that you are a student, along with your passport and any loose immigration documents.
  • Ask to be added to the list of National Health Service (NHS) patients. This means you will not have to pay a fee to visit the doctor but you may need to pay for prescriptions (medicine).
  • Most doctors’ surgeries have female as well as male doctors. If you only want to be seen by a woman doctor, you may need to say so whenever you make an appointment.

For medical emergencies requiring an ambulance dial 999 and ask for “ambulance”. Otherwise, you can visit the accident and emergency department (A&E) at the following hospitals:

The Royal Liverpool University Hospital
Prescot Street,
L7 8XP.

Broadgreen Hospital
Thomas Drive,
L14 3LB.

Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust Hospital (females only)
Crown Street,
L8 7SS.

Royal Liverpool University Dental Hospital
Pembroke Place,
L3 5PS.

Post Office

If you need to buy postcards or send souvenirs home then make your way to the Post Office. As LILA* College is in such a central location, the Post Office is a 1-minute walk away here:

Liverpool One Post Office
WH Smith,
1st floor,
1-3 South John Street,
L1 8BN.

Open: Monday to Friday – 9am-5.30pm
Saturday – 11am-3pm
Sunday – Closed

Police Support

If you need to visit the police or to register your arrival in the UK, the headquarters can be found here:

Merseyside Police,
Canning Place,
L1 8JX.