One-to-One classes

One-to-One classes pinpoint areas for improvement and provide opportunities to work on individual needs. Classes take place at the student’s convenience, either at the academy, the student’s home or the workplace. Student and teacher negotiate an individual learning plan with a flexible approach that ensures tuition meets the student’s needs and requirements.

  • Personalise your learning
  • Select times to suit your schedule
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Advance quickly

Our Academic Department will create a unique syllabus based on the details you provide when you complete a needs analysis form. We can include elements of General English, Exam Preparation, Business English, or any other details you wish to study further.

One-to-One Classes offer you uninterrupted student/teacher time to maximise the potential of reaching your personal learning goals.

Course Overview

Hours per week


Hours per day

Flexible / suggested minimum 2 hours per session


Arranged according to your availability
Monday to Friday

Minimum age

16/17 (with parental consent)

Start date

Any Monday

Course length



A1 CEFR (Beginner)
A2 CEFR (Elementary)
B1 CEFR (Pre-Intermediate)
B1-B2 CEFR (Intermediate)
B2 CEFR (Upper Intermediate)
C1 CEFR (Advanced)

Personal Tutor


2023 Prices

1 hour: £50
10 hours: £450
Registration fee: £45

2024 Prices

1 hour: £50
Block of 10: £450

How to Apply

Please complete our online application form or email for more information. Read more information on How to Apply.


Essential information for our One-to-One programmes: