Homestays Recruitment

What are we looking for?

LILA* students study in the city of Liverpool from all over the world. At LILA* our main aim is to ensure every international student is placed with quality host families and enjoy a safe and welcoming environment while visiting and learning in the UK.

Creating trusted partnerships with our valued homestay hosts ensures our students feel motivated, fulfilled and willing to learn, which generally results in a happier stay.

LILA* works on behalf of our students and takes great care in matching each individual with compatible homestay hosts in Liverpool to ensure each student is fully satisfied with their homestay arrangement. To understand which accommodation and host best suits each student, we carefully consult our homestay hosts on their specific requirements such as location, length of stay, dietary considerations and religious beliefs and aim to create the perfect match between both student and homestay family.

Why become a host?

Providing homestay accommodation for international students can enrich their understanding of the local culture and heritage. As a student’s host family you can help each student practice the language and regional accents as well as providing local knowledge and introductions to famous landmarks and places of interest.

Hosting foreign students is a great way to experience a cultural exchange, strengthening the knowledge and confidence of international students while welcoming them into your home.

What do we expect of our host families?

LILA* asks that our families hosting international students provide each student with the following:

  • Warm and friendly welcome. Aim to build a rapport with your student to help them feel relaxed and at ease
  • Clean and presentable amenities. Bed linen and towels should be cleaned by the homestay provider on a weekly basis
  • Regular access to the bathroom for use of the toilet and shower
  • Safe place to stay and sleep
  • For younger students, assistance to find their way to school on their first day

Considering becoming a host?

At LILA* we are always accepting host families to join our register. We ask that you live in Liverpool within 45 minutes of travel from Liverpool City Centre (L2 6SG).

Why not join other families across Merseyside in hosting an international student?

  • It’s your chance to meet students from all over the world
  • You get the opportunity to experience different cultures and traditions
  • The opportunity to share your home country’s traditions and cultures
  • Enjoy remuneration for your generous hospitality. All our families who host international students receive monetary compensation for hosting a student to support your family with the associated costs

All year round LILA* is recruiting for families who are interested in hosting foreign students. By hosting foreign students you become an integral part of our language school, allowing our international students a secure place to stay while immersing themselves in the life and education the UK has to offer.

Become a host family today

LILA* is looking for host families across Liverpool. Join our register today and start your journey towards providing an international student with the opportunity to learn, explore and thrive.

Contact our accommodation team, call 0151 707 0909 or you can complete an online application form.