Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)

Our Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test course is perfect for teachers who want to improve their teaching skills, test their knowledge in specific areas of English language teaching and gain an internationally recognised qualification.

LILA* teachers provide full exam support including a mock test and feedback sessions. With no ‘fail’ grade (TKT is banded 1-4), TKT is undoubtedly a sound investment for teachers who are interested in professional development.

Who is the Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) for?

Whether you are a new teacher or have multiple years of experience, TKT is ideal for people who need to prove their knowledge of teaching with a globally recognised certificate, including:

  • New and experienced teachers
  • Recommended for teachers with an English level of B1 or above
  • Teachers who teach primary, secondary or adult learners
  • Teachers who want to prove their teaching knowledge
  • Teachers who need a globally recognised certificate

Students have the option of studying intensively for 1 week or full-time for 2 weeks before their exam. Students can take each module individually and in any order, allowing each individual to tailor the qualification to suit their needs.

How to Apply

Please complete our online application form or email enquiries@lilalovetolearn.com for more information. Read more information on How to Apply.


Essential information for our Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT):