Steven Gerrard Academy

Steven Gerrard Academy has seen over 1000 students graduate from its football programmes with many going on to university, being awarded football scholarships or continuing their journey within football clubs.

Excellent training facilities boast a selection of grass and 3G pitches where students have access to world-class football coaching led by UEFA-licenced coaches who all have experience at the top academies including Liverpool Football Club.

The collaboration between David Game College Liverpool and Steven Gerrard Academy gives academically capable footballers the opportunity to combine A Level study with an elite-level football training programme.

Steven Gerrard Academy Football Programme optimises:

World-class coaching and training

UEFA-qualified and experienced coaches lead stimulating training sessions designed to improve personal fitness, tactical and technical awareness, team and individual performance. A sports science approach is used to introduce innovative and up-to-date methods and to monitor player performance.

All students play in weekly competitive fixtures

Higher-level squads can play in the FA Youth Cup against professional youth academies, compete in the National Football Youth League against professional scholar sides such as Leeds Utd and Newcastle Utd and be invited to play in friendlies against clubs such as Aston Villa FC and Wigan FC.

Other squads are entered into local college leagues and cup competitions with the aim of developing players to move into the higher-level squads.

Sport Science

The latest technology and sport science principles develop player performance and coaching. The performance analysis team uses industry-standard analysis software to provide video and statistical feedback to players and coaches. The use of GPS systems allows the coaching team to track players’ physical performance, monitor training load and measure performance metrics, such as distance covered, speed and energy expenditure.


To monitor fitness levels before, during and after each season, students complete regular fitness and body composition testing which helps coaches tailor a programme to each individual player.

Advice is provided on nutrition to ensure students are fuelled correctly for training and matches with gym programmes and food plans in place to help them reach their physical goals.

How to Apply

Please complete our online application form or email for more information. Read more information on How to Apply.

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