Success Stories

Student Testimonials

Isabela Helou Doca de Andrade

General English

The Best Experience! LILA* knows how to motivate their students, knows their real needs and work in a timely manner, and knows how to integrate students, teachers, and Liverpool magically. I’m very pleased with the result of this wonderful experience. I returned to Brazil with the confidence that my goal was achieved, and really miss the family that was Liverpool.

Lucas Dias de Oliveira Ferro

General English

“LILA* Language School ticks off all the boxes for what makes a language school great. The teachers are fantastic, the atmosphere is welcoming, and the curriculum is both engaging and effective. Looking back, I’m filled with gratitude for the unforgettable experiences and connections I made at LILA*. It’s not just a place to learn English; it’s a place where lifelong memories are made. From the lively lessons to the cultural outings, every moment at LILA* contributed to my personal and professional growth. If you’re looking for a language school that goes above and beyond, look no further than LILA*. Thank you for changing my life in the best possible way!”

Hani Faraj Abdulkrim

General English & IELTS

“I have spent a wonderful time at Liverpool during my studies at the Institute of LILA* where I had started from a very low level and I reached a high level. And I have gained a lot of experience about Liverpool. I also met many students from around the world . LILA* helped me in being able to speak English fluently, and also has the best teachers in the UK of the English Language.”

Abdulla Shaheen

General English & IELTS

“I learned a lot of things from this school. When I arrived here I thought I’m not going to learn English but at this school the teachers work very hard. I am really really grateful to LILA* and the people are friendly, especially on reception. Thanks LILA* :)”

Panayota Alexopoulos Rivero

General English, CAE Exam preparation and Job Skills

“I studied at LILA* Liverpool for 6 months General English, CAE Exam preparation and Job Skills courses, with excellent teachers that helped me improve my English a lot. This was very important to me for my professional career as a Public Accountant, I can say that the service was always excellent, all the people that work at LILA* are lovely and helpful and I really enjoyed all the social trips.”

Duk Kyun Song

General English

“I studied English in LILA* for 8 months. When I came to LILA* for the first time, I couldn’t speak, read, write and listen. But now, I’m studying at a university in the UK. LILA* helped me as much as possible. One thing that was most important was that I was motivated to learn by LILA*. I think it is the best language school.”

Ismael Pérez López

Cambridge Exam

“I wanted to do the CAE exam because I knew it could help me to find a job in Spain. I chose LILA* because a friend spoke well of LILA* to me. I got a job in the position I wanted and now I am a PE Teacher in bilingual education in Spain. I really enjoyed my time there, teachers were amazing, I made new friends, I knew more cultures and I have never seen better facilities than theirs.”

Pablo Alberto Prieto Cabrera

Cambridge Exam

“I took the Cambridge Exam as I am spending this year in Liverpool in order to improve my English. It helped me to focus better on the points of my learning. Due to my next job in Zambia, probably I will have to teach English and the C1 is going to be very useful for me. All the staff I have met in your Academy have been very nice and warm. Thank you very much!”

Paul Jaulin

Cambridge Exam

“I took the Cambridge Exam: It is the best known English exam and is valid for a long time. I chose to take the exam at LILA* because of the location and closeness. This exam will help me to enter the Political Sciences School in Paris.”

Jinhee Jung

Cambridge Exam

“I took the exam in order to prove my English competency for my application to become a British Citizen. I chose LILA* because it was the closest to home (in Chester). I found the customer service from LILA* friendly and professional.”

Markus Prieth

Cambridge Exam Preparation Course

“I want to thank you for the time at your school, I was well prepared for the CAE exam. I have passed the exam and I need to thank you and my teachers Astrid and Benji. Both were absolutely great teachers for me and I really appreciate the additional work they did for me. Overall, a big THANK YOU! to all who helped me have a great time at LILA* in Liverpool and pass the CAE exam.”

Cathy Huang Ling-Hui

General English

“I’m really glad that I chose LILA* as my language school, the teachers are patient and passionate about what they do. They also did a lot to help me adapt to life in England before going into full time work. They provided a lot of activities and the location was fantastic because Lila is in Liverpool – the cultural capital of England. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to kickstart their English.”


LILA* Junior Programme

“LILA* classes are really fun and interesting. I like my classmates and I also like my teachers, they are so friendly and educated. I’m happy to study here, to speak to other people and I enjoy being in a group of Italians, Spanish and other nationalities.”

Hanna Kuchanska

University Foundation Programme & IELTS

“My time at LILA* college was incredibly rewarding. The staff played a huge role in my success. Principal helped me at every stage of the application process, he patiently answered all my questions and wrote me fantastic reference letters. My Personal Tutor provided invaluable guidance with my applications. We met regularly to tailor my personal statement together. She recommended Nottingham Trent University to me and I ended up studying here, I can’t thank her enough!

My Subject Teachers support in the classroom was invaluable. He was always happy to explain things multiple times until I truly understood. His Accounting class stands out especially – I learned so much from him. The knowledge I gained at UFP definitely prepared me well for my master’s degree. More than that, though, I felt truly valued as a student there. It was a warm and supportive environment that made a real difference in my journey.”

Home Testimonials


“Well where do I start? Firstly I think it’s such a rewarding experience for the whole family learning to share your cultural experiences and also having a great pride in introducing them to our wonderful city, Liverpool.”


“I am loving hosting the students, my first student Khalid was hard as he didn’t speak English at all and could not at first understand me. We soon built up a relationship and had a laugh in our own way.  He was a lovely kind and caring young man and loved learning at LILA* I am sure he will come back to you.  Marina from Spain was also great and she made me laugh every day, it seems I am making many friends as they have both kept in touch since leaving. I now have a Korean young man Jiwan, he has been with me since Saturday. I am learning so much talking with him and he too is enjoying being in my home, so all is good.”

Andy and Sue

“We began hosting in October 2013 after our friend Judith told us about LILA* and explained how much she had enjoyed hosting students. Since that time we’ve welcomed 25 different students from 13 nations into our home in Garston and have really loved the whole experience.”

Educational Tour Operator

Brian Geoff

Brain International Ltd

“I have brought junior groups to LILA* for a number of years now and have always been impressed with the organisation and content of the programme – various afternoon and evening activities to keep the young students busy and entertained, and, of course, having opportunities to meet with students from other countries. Also the supervision and monitoring of the students is a pleasing feature, as is the weekend organisation – there is never a shortage of things to do. Add to this the modern structure of the school itself and the location right in LIVERPOOL ONE with an amazing choice of shopping and the programme can truly be termed as outstanding.”

Chris Dupont

Cultura Inglesa

“I have had the enormous privilege of taking six different groups of Brazilian students to LILA* Liverpool in the summer and also in the winter. My own experience of LILA* and of Liverpool as well as that of my students could not have been more positive. As a major advantage, I must point out LILA*’s ideal location, right in the city centre and very handy for most places of interest and landmarks. LILA* itself is a very prestigious institution, with an impressive team of skilled teachers and experienced staff members. My students were very fond of all their teachers and often commented on how friendly, available and supportive they were. As far as trips and visits are concerned, the most popular among the students were the cathedrals, the Beatles Story, Anfield/Liverpool Stadium, the boat trip of the Mersey, Manchester, Conwy Castle  and Chester.

Liverpool is an amazing city for students. There is plenty to see and do, excellent shopping facilities and a number of restaurants and cafés. Moreover, culture, music and history are everywhere, which enhances the city’s lively atmosphere.

I heartily recommend LILA* Liverpool.”