General English & IELTS Exam Preparation

Our General English and IELTS course is a 21-hour per week, intensive full-time course. It is a combination of General English and IELTS Exam Preparation. General English will aim to give you the confidence in communicating in an English-speaking environment and you’ll focus on the skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing whilst covering essential grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, phrases, and formal and informal language.

The IELTS part of the course will focus on academic reading and writing whilst also honing your speaking and listening skills. The class covers all modules of the IELTS exam and students will also get the chance to see a past exam paper. You will encounter a wide range of strategies to give you the best possible opportunity to achieve your desired grade.

Course Overview

Hours per week

21 hours

Hours per day

4.5 hours Monday to Thursday
3 hours Friday
*subject to change


9am-12.15pm / 2.45pm-6pm General English Monday to Friday
1pm-2.30pm IELTS Monday to Thursday
*subject to change

Minimum Age

16/17 (with parental consent)

Start date

Any Monday

Course length

Flexible / minimum 1 week


B1 CEFR (Pre-Intermediate)
B1-B2 CEFR (Intermediate)
B2 CEFR (Upper Intermediate)
C1 CEFR (Advanced)

Maximum class size


Average class size


Nationality mix

Multinational (fluctuates with seasons)

Personal Tutor

Available on request

2023 Prices

1-4 weeks: £340 per week
5-10 weeks: £335 per week
11-19 weeks: £330 per week
20+ weeks: £323 per week

General English course book: £35
IELTS course book: £35
Registration fee: £45

Additional charges:
Registration fee
Course materials

2024 Prices

1-4 weeks: £340 per week
5-10 weeks: £335 per week
11-19 weeks: £330 per week
20 weeks: £325 per week

How to Apply

Please complete our online application form or email for more information. Read more information on How to Apply.


Essential information for our General English & IELTS Exam Preparation programme: