New students

If you are interested in enrolling your child on one of our courses, our junior programme is for students aged 12-17 and it is available during the summer or out of season.

During their time with us, they will study in their own private group only ever potentially mixing with other junior students. Although we also have adult classes running at LILA*, the classes are kept separate and juniors are supervised by group leaders and LILA* staff during staggered break times. Junior students can only travel as part of a closed group with a group leader.

  • All junior students receive a junior welcome pack, safety plans and ID cards
  • Juniors have access to a dedicated safeguarding telephone number 24 hours a day if they feel unsafe, worried or need help
  • LILA* has a dedicated team of listening adults and safeguarding staff who will make themselves known to junior students in the event they need help or support
  • All of LILA*’s accommodation providers are vetted and approved to accommodate junior students

Current students

Are you a current junior student with questions?

Please speak to your Group Leader or one of our listening adults:

  • Laurie Daley
  • Victoria Bligh
  • Jim Pearson

Social Programme

You can keep up with all events and activities at LILA* with our social programme here. We have weekly events and activities which are open to all LILA* students. We also have weekend trips to various places around the UK.

Keep up to date by following us on social media and signing up for all events at the reception.

If you need further support or you are finding your time at LILA* difficult, there are more sources of support available for you here.